Dimitroff: Falcons will listen to trade talk

The rumors are already flying about the Atlanta Falcons trying to move up in next week’s NFL draft and general manager Thomas Dimitroff isn’t discouraging them.

As he met with the local media for his pre-draft briefing Thursday afternoon, Dimitroff pretty much hung out a sign that said the Falcons are open for business.

“We’ve been open about it," Dimitroff said when asked about his philosophy on trading draft picks. “I think it’s very clear we’re open for big deals if they come across our table and we’re interested.’’

The Falcons have done that before. They moved up 21 spots in the 2011 draft to get wide receiver Julio Jones. They also have some room to maneuver because they currently have 11 picks in this draft.

But that doesn’t mean the Falcons definitely will move up. They’re going to keep all their options open with the 30th overall pick.

“We’re going to be active," Dimitroff said. “Active can be (moving) up down or around. We’re continually looking to bolster the roster."