Ryan Grigson avoids misinformation game

His colleagues may be doing it, but Indianapolis Colts general manager Ryan Grigson doesn’t make calls this time of year that might help him elevate the stock of someone he’s not really interested in.

It’s lying season in the NFL. It’s easy to be put off by it -- I am. But I try to remind myself it’s a game within a game, which makes it more OK.

“I feel like that’s wasted energy,” Grigson said at his predraft news conference Thursday. “I’m just not big on smokescreens. I feel it takes your eye off the ball. Since I’ve started this process, I just don’t feel the need for cloak and dagger because I need to focus on my job and doing my job 100 percent of the time. To start doing all that, sometimes by not doing anything you trip people up.”

Grigson is a personable guy, but he’s not chit chatting with other GMs right now. It’s got nothing to do with friendliness.

He said you have to be away of smokescreens from other teams at this point.

“That’s why I’m not a big phone guy,” he said. “The people in the league know that. I’m not going to show my hand in this process by having conversations with people, trying to pull information from them because obviously they are going to try and pull information from us, and the minute that happens then they know you are full of baloney. There’s no productivity to it. The whole thing is a big charade so why even waste my time?

“Anybody that has half a brain isn’t going to give me information that’s going to hurt their organization and I’m not going to be able to pull out anything from them if they have a brain that’s going to help us. At the end of the day, it still might be B.S. It’s wasted time. I’d rather focus on watching film and getting players ready.”