Top pick doesn't change Dorsey's approach

I got the chance to catch up with Kansas City Chiefs general manager John Dorsey on Friday. He has been consumed by the opportunity and the pressure of having the No. 1 pick in the NFL draft next week.

It is the first time Dorsey, an NFL front office lifer, has ever had the top pick. Still, he said the process has not been different from any other year.

“I’ve never really allowed myself to daydream of having the No. 1 pick,” Dorsey said. “The process has been the exact same way as it always has. I’ve stuck to the process I’m used to and it has been successful. This process has been no different. It’s been the same [as] if I had the No. 32 pick.”

Dorsey maintained that the team is down to four candidates. He did not acknowledge who those players are, but it is widely expected that the Chiefs will pick Texas A&M left tackle Luke Joeckel. The team has studied about 10 players with regard to the top pick.

Dorsey said the team will decide on its pick probably “a couple of days” before the draft. However, he said the team will remain flexible up until shortly before the draft starts. If last-minute information develops or an irresistible trade offer comes in, the team will have an open mind.

“You have to keep your options open through the whole process,” Dorsey said. “Nothing is final until the card goes to the podium.”