Browns have made calls about trading back

The Cleveland Browns are among a handful of teams who have made calls about trading back in the first round of Thursday's NFL draft, according to ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

The likelihood of moving back from the No. 6 overall spot hinges on the offensive tackle spot. The Kansas City Chiefs are expected to take either Texas A&M's Luke Joeckel or Central Michigan's Eric Fisher with the first overall pick. The Philadelphia Eagles or Detroit Lions could take a second tackle (the one who isn't picked by the Chiefs) in the top five.

If Oklahoma's Lane Johnson is sitting there at No. 6, the Browns should get calls from either the San Diego Chargers (No. 11) or Miami Dolphins (No. 12), two teams that will want to move up in front of the equally tackle-needy Arizona Cardinals (No. 7). But, if three tackles are taken in the top five (the Dolphins or Chargers trade into top five to get a tackle), the Browns probably won't hear their phone ring.

Browns chief executive officer Joe Banner acknowledged last week that he has had preliminary talks with teams about a trade.

“It’s normal this time to be talking to teams," he said. "Some are teams you exchange some opinions on and some are teams you get a feel for, ‘Are you open to moving up or down?’ As you get closer to the draft, sometimes those conversations become more specific. We haven’t had any specific conversations about trades or what would be involved in a trade. We have had conversations with teams either initiated by them or us, kind of feeling out are you interested in going up or back. Are you open to it depending on who is there? We have had those kinds of feel each other out conversations.”

According to Schefter, other teams who have made inquiries about moving back in the first round include the Eagles (No. 4), Lions (No. 5), Bills (No.8) and Dolphins.