Bengals announce signing of Harrison

The Cincinnati Bengals officially announced the signing of former Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison. It is believed to be a two-year deal, but the Bengals didn't put the length of the contract in the release.

It's also worth noting that details of the contract have yet to surface, which likely means they're not the type of dollar figures that Harrison or his agent want to promote. Harrison refused to take a pay cut from his $6.57 million salary this season (reportedly 30 percent less), which led to the Steelers releasing him. My guess is Harrison isn't getting close to the $4.6 million that the Steelers were willing to give him.

Here is coach Marvin Lewis' statement on the addition of Harrison: “James has been a dominant player on a team with a history of dominant defense. He has made a great number of game-deciding plays, and he brings us help in a position area we had planned to improve either through the draft or with a veteran signing. He will be a physical player against the run and will improve our pressure on the quarterback.”