#bloggermock: Steelers select Tyler Eifert

Did I go into this mock draft thinking the Pittsburgh Steelers would take Notre Dame tight end Tyler Eifert? Not really. I knew it was a possibility, but I had penciled in either Georgia linebacker Jarvis Jones or Tennessee wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson for Pittsburgh at No. 17.

Well, like my first pick with the Cleveland Browns, this didn't go according to plan at all. I was shocked when the Buffalo Bills selected Patterson at No. 8. If Patterson was their target, the Bills could've traded back and still got him. Seven picks later, at No. 15, the New Orleans Saints addressed their need for a pass-rusher by taking Jones.

That led me to Option No. 3, which is Eifert. This isn't a bad pick for the Steelers. Pittsburgh is unsure when Heath Miller will be ready this season after tearing knee ligaments nearly four months ago and Eifert is the consensus top tight end in the draft.

I did consider Georgia linebacker Alec Ogletree, who could be the eventual replacement for Larry Foote. I also looked at 3-4 defensive ends for this spot, but I didn't see any worth taking this high. In the end, I kept coming back to Eifert.

My next pick in the #bloggermock is the Cincinnati Bengals at No. 21.