Thoughts on Jaguars' new uniforms

The Jacksonville Jaguars on Tuesday unveiled the uniforms they will wear for the 2013 season. My initial thoughts:

  • The patch is on the left side of the jersey, over the heart, tying into the Jaguars' theme of Stand United and their desire to pay tribute to the city’s military presence.

  • The helmet fades from black to gold -- in a way I’m still struggling to get a completely clear read on -- that makes the Jaguar coming out of the shadows on the hunt.

  • The numbers and lettering are angular and distinctive.

  • They are high-tech as well. Paul Posluszny said they are nice and tight, they conform to a player’s body and he feels like he can move freely in them.

I don’t have a strong feeling one way or the other upon seeing the new uniforms for the first time. I like that they’ve changed them and that they have a detailed story that tells us the thinking behind each step.

Even as I participated in the #Bloggermock draft, one of my colleagues bit into the standard, stale joke about the Jaguars’ attendance, which really was not an issue last year despite a 2-14 season. They’ll get some grief today over the idea that a uniform change isn’t going to change their fortunes.

And it’s not.

But that doesn’t mean they have to stay with the status quo.

The franchise still has relatively new ownership in Shad Khan, and he’s got a new general manager in David Caldwell and a new coach in Gus Bradley.

The franchise is making a ton of changes and a roster rebuild will take time. They intend to build in a solid way that will put a framework in place and have a lasting impact.

The football the Jaguars play is the most important thing.

But that doesn’t mean the logo revealed earlier this year or the uniforms unveiled Tuesday shouldn’t be part of the change.

If it’s funny to you, so be it.

Jaguars fans have something to get excited about. I’d say Khan, Caldwell and Bradley are atop the list. The uniforms get a place on it, too.