Shanahan wants RG III to take his time

Let's see. It's what? An even-numbered day? That must mean it's a day on which Washington Redskins people are saying responsible things about Robert Griffin III and his recovery from knee surgery. I'm pretty sure Dr. James Andrews said that "superhuman" thing on an odd-numbered day, but I could be wrong.

Anyway, at his pre-draft news conference, Redskins coach Mike Shanahan spoke about the quarterback for whom he traded this year's first-round pick (and next year's, and last year's) and preached caution and patience. Per the Washington Post:

“One thing I don’t want to do, is see anything go too quick,” Shanahan said. “Mother Nature will take its course. That takes time. The thing I love about Robert is that he works the muscles around it and he loves to work, he does everything you ask him to do and then some to get himself ready. But there is a time frame and the ligament takes time to heal. We have to make sure he doesn’t go too quick. We don’t want him to do anything too quickly because then he can set it back.”

Which is what the Redskins and Andrews and Griffin should all be saying in April, nearly five months before the next game that counts in the standings. But this is the same Shanahan who said recently that Griffin was going to set a record in his recovery from the surgery he had in January to repair a torn ACL, and it's good to see him taking the more responsible and cautious tone now. He also was asked what he'd learned from the way Griffin's knee was handled last season:

“The thing we’ll make sure of is that Robert never plays if he’s not 100 percent,” Shanahan said. “If he tells me something, I won’t believe him this year compared to last year.

“That’s just a joke,” Shanahan added with a chuckle. “I think.”

Interesting to see whether Griffin takes it that way. The last time Shanahan said something like this, Griffin ended up sending that text to Trey Wingo about how everybody understands their responsibility for what happened last year with the knee, which set off speculation that there was bad blood between quarterback and coach. Presumably, there's been some sort of airing of the grievances since then, or it's unlikely Shanahan would be making such jokes.

Anyway, because of the trade they made to move up and draft Griffin last year, the Redskins don't pick until Friday night, when they hold the 19th pick in the second round -- No. 51 overall.