Seymour only had one choice

Posted by ESPN.com’s Bill Williamson

Well, it’s finally over.

Richard Seymour is coming to Oakland and he’s going to be a Raider. An added bonus: Seymour plans to play Monday night against San Diego and has already proclaimed he'll be a problem for Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers.

There’s no question, Seymour will bring a swagger to Oakland, which is in desperate need of some on-field authority. That’s why Oakland traded for Seymour. He is a professional and while he is 29 and has some injury history, he is still an upper-tier player. He can help the Raiders’ awful run defense and should provide some pass-rushing heat. He can make the Raiders better. And now it seems like he will.

He may be reporting to Oakland five days too late, but it really doesn’t matter. He is coming. He realized playing in Oakland was his only true choice.

Seymour may not be overly thrilled to be in Oakland (I know he said he’s happy, but this saga wouldn’t have happened if he was totally on board), but he’s coming. It is clear Seymour was going to wait to report until he had to. Saturday was about the deadline. He did not want to give up a game check and risk losing the guarantee of his contract in the process.

In the end, money made Seymour come to Oakland. Whatever it takes.

Now, Oakland needs to let the dust settle and try to keep him in town for the long term. Seymour is a free agent after this year. Oakland gave up a first-round pick in 2011 to get him. The Raiders need to keep Seymour in town for as long as they can by giving him a long-term contract extension.

It may have not been an ideal arrival, but Seymour is a Raider. He made the right call by reporting, even if it comes with five days of unnecessary drama.

If Seymour lives up to his promise of harassing Rivers, it all will be forgiven in the Raider Nation.