Assessing trades in the 2013 NFL draft

Steve Drake from Sports + Numbers has put together a terrific tool for evaluating trades NFL teams make using draft choices for the 2013 and 2014 drafts.

Check it out.

This calculator allows users to evaluate trades using the traditional draft-value chart and updated charts from Chase Stuart, the Harvard Sports Analysis Collective (Kevin Meers) and Drake himself.

I'll be using this calculator to assess the trades NFC West teams make.

For fun, I put together a mythical trade in which the St. Louis Rams sent the 16th and 149th choices to the San Francisco 49ers for the 31st, 74th and 180th choices. The traditional draft-value chart developed more than two decades ago would have declared the 49ers a clear winner in such an exchange. The three more recently developed charts would have liked this trade from the Rams' perspective.

The traditional chart arguably overvalues the earliest choices. The more recently developed charts distribute value more evenly using criteria tied to career production for players relative to draft slot.

Thanks to Drake for tipping me off to his calculator.