Chat wrap: Wiring Cardinals' draft room

Our latest NFC West chat ended with a discussion on Mel Kiper Jr.'s recent success projecting first-round selections to the Arizona Cardinals. Turns out Mel did not have the Cardinals taking Michael Floyd at No. 13 in his final 2012 mockInsider.

Still, the projections have been pretty good. Kiper had the Cardinals taking Dan Williams 26th overall in 2010Insider, when he also nailed both first-round choices for Seattle (Russell Okung and Earl Thomas). He had Arizona taking Patrick Peterson fifth overall in 2011Insider.

Going back to 2009, I noticed Kiper had the Cardinals taking Beanie Wells with the 31st pick in his mock from March 12Insider. However, he changed that pick to Everette Brown in his final mockInsider. Arizona did take Wells.

Dion Jordan is the projection for Arizona in the first roundInsider this year, although Mel notes that Jonathan Cooper is another player he thinks the Cardinals would consider strongly. Kiper also made a couple post-publication changes to his 2013 mock, including one affecting the NFC West. He now has the San Francisco 49ers using the 31st pick for safety Eric Reid. That pick lines up with the one I made for the 49ers in our recent blogger mock draft.

Programming note: We've got a full night ahead. I'll be driving over to Seattle Seahawks headquarters shortly and getting set up from there. See you in a while.