Looking ahead to Day 2

Thanks for bearing with us through some technical difficulties that have made accessing the blogs a bit of a challenge. Hopefully we're working our way out of it, and for those of you who can see this post, let's set up Day 2 of the 2013 draft here in the NFC North.

The second and third rounds will take place Friday evening. Below are all of the picks each team has remaining, a list that will be helpful in projecting possible trades, and I've added a few thoughts as well.

Detroit Lions (6 total)

Round 2: 36

Round 3: 65

Round 4: 132

Round 5: 137

Round 6: 171

Round 7: 245

Comment: It's quite possible the Lions will have a chance to trade out of their second-round pick if another team is attempting to trade up for a quarterback. If not, you could see them targeting offensive linemen and/or wide receivers Friday night.

Chicago Bears (4 total)

Round 2: 50

Round 4: 117

Round 5: 153

Round 6: 188

Comment: The Bears wouldn't mind picking up a few more picks, but you have to wonder if they'll target one of the second-tier middle linebackers at No. 50 overall. A wide receiver could be the target. Texas A&M's Ryan Swope is a name to keep an eye on.

Green Bay Packers (7 total)

Round 2: 55

Round 3: 88

Round 4: 122

Round 5: 159

Round 5: 167

Round 6: 193

Round 7: 232

Comment: Lots of you want the Packers to find a running back with the No. 55 overall pick. Could it be Wisconsin's Montee Ball? That's about where media analysts project his value.

Vikings (5 total)

Round 4: 120

Round 5: 155

Round 6: 189

Round 7: 213

Round 7: 214

Comment: The Vikings are highly unlikely to trade back into the third round. They'll need to find their next middle linebacker elsewhere, possibly via free agency.