Is Zaviar Gooden too similar to Brown?

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- If Zaviar Gooden looks sort of familiar, there is a good reason.

The Titans drafted a different version of him last year named Zach Brown.

Brown was selected 52nd overall in the second round.

Gooden was selected 97th overall in the third round.

There is nothing wrong with adding an additional, fast outside linebacker. But it’s not the position of most concern in the Titans' linebacking corps. That would be an alternate middle linebacker, as Colin McCarthy is injury-prone and can miss time.

Veteran addition Moise Fokou can play any spot, but depth is paramount in the middle.

Maybe the Titans could have gone a different direction here, and concentrated on a linebacker capable of playing in the middle later. Or perhaps they’ll draft that guy too.

Gooden ran a 4.47 at the combine, and says he ran a 4.34 at Missouri. It should help make him an excellent special teamer, and it should mean if Brown is hurt and misses any time the Titans are OK at linebacker.

The third round seems a little early for filling those roles.