Rapid Reaction: Cowboys 34, Buccaneers 21

Posted by ESPN.com’s Pat Yasinskas

TAMPA, Fla. – I’m starting to write this with three minutes and 51 seconds remaining in the game and Raymond James Stadium looks half full.

Or is it half empty?

Probably the latter. The Bucs weren’t all that horrible at times, but they lost badly to Dallas at home in a game that didn’t sell out until Thursday afternoon and that was with the help of America’s Team.

It’s probably only going to get worse -- on the field and at the ticket office. The Bucs haven’t had a game blacked out on local television since they moved into this stadium in 1998. I’ll go out on a limb and say that streak comes to an end this year.

This team didn’t win a lot of goodwill with offseason moves like releasing Derrick Brooks and it really didn’t show much more than anyone expected Sunday. This was a chance to generate some excitement and build momentum.

It didn’t happen and, with a brutal schedule ahead, this team could be looking at a half-empty stadium a lot.

Game's over now and I'm seeing a stadium that's probably not even one-tenth full.