Packers, Eddie Lacy and pass blocking

If this video tells you nothing else, you'll realize that ESPN analyst Todd McShay is a big fan of the Green Bay Packers' draft and running back Eddie Lacy in particular.

McShay cited "great draft management" as the Packers maneuvered to get Lacy in the second round while drafting "a better football player" ahead of him in defensive end Datone Jones. And in naming Lacy as the draft's most likely candidate for instant impact, McShay noted a secondary but importat attribute: advanced pass-blocking skills.

The Packers aren't going to play a running back they don't trust to protect quarterback Aaron Rodgers, and here's what director of college scouting Brian Gutekunst told reporters about Lacy: "He's 230 pounds. He's able to step in there and stop people when they're coming at him, so we feel really good about that, especially with some of things we do."