Morning take: Browns AFC North champs?

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

Here are the most interesting stories in the AFC North:

  • Cleveland Plain Dealer beat writers Mary Kay Cabot and Tony Grossi both picked the Browns to upend the Pittsburgh Steelers this year and take the division.

Morning take: Combined, the pair have seen more consecutive Browns games than anyone in the local and national media. Perhaps they feel the tide changing in this rivalry.

Morning take: Letfwich learned his lesson from last year when he desperately wanted to be a starter. But being a backup in a solid offense in Pittsburgh is much better than getting the stuffing beat out of you as a starter with the awful Atlanta Falcons.

Morning take: It's a legitimate question. Safety Dexter Jackson and offensive tackle Levi Jones would be our first two guesses.

Morning take: Flacco has been taking first-team snaps for the past week and now has his peace of mind. Check back for more on Flacco's first career start later.