Teammates vow to repay prankster Manning

Peyton Manning has become known as quite the prankster during his time in Denver.

He has become famous for changing the language preference on teammates’ cell phones. He duped receiver Eric Decker into thinking he was being charged for a workout session at Duke this spring. In fact, right tackle Orlando Franklin estimates the quarterback has pulled a fast one on every member of the offense.

Tuesday night, it was Franklin’s turn as Manning’s victim. Apparently, Manning directed Decker to shove a cream pie in Franklin’s face while he was being interviewed at the Colorado Rockies-New York Yankees game. Manning rented a bus and brought 30 teammates to watch the game from the owners’ suite.

It was Franklin’s first baseball game and he was treated like a player who had just hit a walk-off home run.

“Peyton and Decker, they got me real well last night,” Franklin told reporters in Denver on Wednesday. “I’m definitely looking forward to revenge at this point. I wasn’t really paying attention to it. That was stupid on my behalf, but like I said I’m looking forward to getting those guys back. I think a lot of guys are going to jump at that opportunity. So we’ve just got to plan something out real well for him and get him when it counts.”

Count tight end Joel Dreessen among those who want to get Manning back. His cell phone fell prey to Manning last season. Dreessen thought he had Manning once, but he panicked and admitted it to the quarterback.

“I tried to get him back. He was charging his iPad at my locker so I set a dog barking alarm to go off at like 2:00 in the morning,” Dreesen said. “[I thought] for sure -- he’s a study maniac -- he’s going to take his iPad home but he leaves it at my locker overnight. I got home that night and I was like, ‘Man, he’s got twin babies and I don’t want to wake his wife up.’ So I totally chickened out and I texted him that night, ‘Hey, I set your iPad to go off at 2:00 in the morning. Turn it off.’ He’s like, ‘Actually, I didn’t bring it home.’ So he shoves it in my stomach the next day: ‘Hey, take this alarm off of there.’ So I turned it off. I chickened out though. I regret that; I should have left it on.”

So, it seems Manning is still undefeated in the Denver locker room.