Alex Gibbs returns to help Broncos' O-line

John Elway the quarterback won two Super Bowl rings with Alex Gibbs directing his offensive line. Now, Elway the executive hopes Gibbs can help the Denver Broncos win another ring.

The Broncos have brought Gibbs out of retirement to serve as a consultant for their offensive line. He will work with offensive line coach Dave Magazu. The two have worked together in the past.

The team is bringing in Gibbs, 72, primarily to work with the younger linemen, those players who often don’t get a lot of repetitions. Gibbs will be in charge of helping them with technique.

Gibbs is known as an authority on the zone-blocking scheme. He was the Broncos’ offensive line coach from 1995 to 2003, when the team excelled using the scheme. Denver now uses more of a power-blocking scheme with some zone-blocking influences. That will not change.