Titus Young's life spiral continues

It's hard to know what else to say about Titus Young, the disgraced former Detroit Lions receiver who has taken career flameout -- even for this franchise at that position -- to a new level.



Young's third arrest in less than a week, this time for allegedly breaking into a California home, makes clear that his life has spiraled out of control.

There is no sense debating his future, at least not on a football blog, because his playing career is almost certainly over. And there's no sense criticizing the Lions any further for making Young a second-round draft choice in 2011; they admitted their mistake by releasing him as soon as league rules allowed it this winter.

Really, all you can say or hope is that Young gets himself straightened out, if not for his sake, then for the safety of the people he is encountering in his current state. As for us, how about we move on from further gawking at Young's demise? There's too many other good and interesting stories to draw our attention.