Torrey Smith praying for Titus Young

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith cautioned everyone not to rush to judgment on Titus Young, the former Detroit Lions wide receiver who has been arrested three times in less than a week.

This is what Smith posted on Twitter on Monday:

"Prayers up for Titus right now...he is going thru something that seems easy outside looking in to handle...we don't know his problems"

Smith entered the league at the same time as Young. He was taken in the second round in 2011, 14 spots after the Lions drafted Young. Over the past two seasons, their numbers have been fairly similar. Smith has caught 99 passes for 205 yards and 15 touchdowns. Young has 81 receptions for 990 yards and 10 touchdowns.

That's where the similarities end. Smith is among the most respected players on the Ravens. He spent the early portion of this offseason working for a local politician. Young's life, however, is spiraling out of control.