McNabb deserves a good day in Philly

One of the day's news stories is that former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb is going to retire as an Eagle, and it sounds as though the team is planning to honor him at one of its home games in 2013. Obviously, this is the right thing to do for the greatest quarterback the Eagles have ever had. And while McNabb will long be remembered as a player who presided over an era of consistent excellence in Philadelphia, that era will be remembered for the fact that the Eagles made it to five NFC Championship Games but never managed to win a Super Bowl.

This is the curse of Eagles stardom, of course. No matter how great an Eagle you were, you never won a Super Bowl, and the Eagles' fans are starved for that satisfaction. But all of that said, McNabb's parting with the Eagles was not acrimonious, and he deserves a nice send-off. I imagine he'll get one, though I'm sure there will be a few who show up and boo the guy who kept coming so close but never could get the job all the way done.

One thing about this, though: Some have suggested (including McNabb, I think) that this could be done before that Thursday night game in Week 3 against the Chiefs, because longtime Eagles coach Andy Reid, who now coaches the Chiefs, will be on hand. Nice idea, but if it were me I'd do it some other week. I think the Reid return is going to be its own circus, and that the fans' feelings about Reid are still too raw and negative to mix those up with McNabb's big day. Reid will someday have his own day in Philadelphia, but I'd keep McNabb's separate from that particular game this year. Just my $0.02.