Does Woodson make sense for Panthers?

The Carolina Panthers don’t have the world’s best secondary. That means it’s only logical to link them to the only defensive back with a big name that is currently available.

Charles Woodson is out there and Carolina fans are clamoring for him. There have even been reports that the Panthers have shown interest in Woodson, but coach Ron Rivera threw a little water on that fire Wednesday night.

“That’s way ahead of the curve,’’ Rivera said. “That falls back on our discussions and we’ll see how that unfolds. We’re still going through the whole process of it and we’re still evaluating.’’

The Panthers need to consider every option, but I’m not so sure Woodson is the best alternative. Yes, he’s been a Pro Bowl regular and can play cornerback or safety.

But Woodson is 37 and coming off a broken collarbone. He also is likely to want a relatively healthy salary.

Woodson is the kind of player you bring in if you think you’re one player away from the Super Bowl, kind of like when the New Orleans Saints brought in Darren Sharper in 2009.

But the bottom line is the Panthers aren’t one player away from the Super Bowl. They’d be better off avoiding a one-year rental player and trying to build something for the long term.