On the Giants and Charles Woodson

So yeah, this is interesting. The agent for veteran defensive back Charles Woodson tells ESPN's Josina Anderson that the New York Giants have "put their toe in the water" regarding interest in Woodson. Now, of course, you never know with agents. This could be true or it could be a ploy to scare the Broncos or some other team into upping their offer and signing Woodson soon. But if we take the man at his word, it's worth examining the idea of Woodson to the Giants, which I think makes a lot of sense, as does my friend Ohm:

Woodson, 36, would be an intriguing piece for the Giants. He could potentially play as one of the team's three safeties utilized often by defensive coordinator Perry Fewell. He also would provide the team with another veteran able to play corner, if needed, as well.

The Giants currently have Antrel Rolle and Stevie Brown as their starting safeties. Will Hill, fifth-round pick Cooper Taylor, Ryan Mundy and Tyler Sash are also on the roster.

Woodson would provide the Giants with the kind of veteran leadership presence at safety that Deon Grant provided when he played the role of the team's third safety. He also could help fill the void left by Kenny Phillips' departure in free agency to Philadelphia.

Yes, Woodson could fill a depth role as well as a mentor role with the Giants, who are transitioning to a younger defensive backfield that would benefit from the experience and wisdom of a player as decorated as Woodson. Phillips always talked about the effect Grant had on his development, and young players such as Brown, Hill, Mundy, Taylor, Sash and Prince Amukamara could surely learn something from Woodson, who has experience playing safety as well as cornerback.

As a veteran-minimum deal, Woodson to the Giants makes a great deal of sense. The fact that it hasn't yet happened makes me think the interest isn't serious, since the Giants tend to move quickly when they find someone they want on the market. But as long as he's still unsigned, it's worth imagining it.