Clarity on potential PED fine for Seahawks

The recent NFL.com report suggesting the Seattle Seahawks face a potential fine for having multiple players suspended invites questions.

Specifically, could the Seahawks already be facing a fine? The answer appears to be no.

"There are financial consequences for a team that has multiple players suspended in a season under those policies," NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told NFL.com.

Bruce Irvin's four-game suspension from the Seahawks brings to five the number of Seattle players suspended since 2010 for using substances banned by the NFL's policy on anabolic steroids and related substances. However, Irvin is the only Seattle player facing a suspension for the 2013 season. None of the suspensions served in previous seasons counts toward the total moving forward.

That means the Seahawks are not facing a fine at present.

Did they incur any fines in the past?

"We do not disclose that information," Aiello said via email Tuesday.