A run through Joe Montana's top five QBs

Joe Montana recently listed Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and Eli Manning as his five top active NFL quarterbacks, in no particular order.

No surprises there, although Eli Manning might not automatically qualify with the others if we polled a wider audience, in my view.

Montana withheld from consideration a younger group featuring Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson, Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck.

"Still too early, but they look great," Montana tweeted.

Montana apologized for leaving off Joe Flacco, but he didn't say which of the other five would leave the list to make room.

Montana's list featured the top four players in Total QBR over the past three seasons, with 1,000 pass attempts as the minimum for consideration. Eli Manning ranked eighth over that span. Kaepernick (76.8), Griffin (71.4), Wilson (69.6) and Luck (65.0) ranked among the NFL's top 11 in QBR last season, with Kaepernick at No. 3.

The chart below shows leaders since 2010. Check out the ratio of touchdown passes to interceptions for Rodgers and Brady. Both were in the 4.5-to-1 range, well above the others. Kaepernick was at 3.3-to-1 last season, compared to 2.6-to-1 for Wilson. Those figures ranked among the NFL's top seven last season.

2010-13 NFL Leaders in Total QBR (minimum 1,000 attempts)