Eagles players need to relax about QB

Last week, it was Michael Vick expressing his belief that Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly needs to name a quarterback by training camp. This week, it's wide receiver DeSean Jackson expressing the same belief.

These guys need to go on vacation and chill out about this whole thing, because it's June 12 and Kelly is 100 percent right to wait and evaluate further:

"The team wants to know, too," Jackson said Tuesday in an interview with the NFL Network's "Total Access" program. "We need to go into training camp prepared and know who is going to be our starting quarterback."

See, that's just not true, even a little bit. Unless they're holding their team fantasy football draft on the first day of training camp, there's no reason the Eagles players need to know by late July who's going to be their starting quarterback. Are we really to believe that the effectiveness of the offense in September rests on the naming of a starter in June or July? Does it make any sense at all to think that the receivers and the backs and the linemen would connect with Vick to such an extent that they wouldn't accept Nick Foles as the leader of their huddle if he showed up there in late August?

The issue at quarterback with the Eagles is that there's no great solution on the current roster. Whoever it turns out to be (and the bet here is still that it's Vick in Week 1, if he can get through the preseason healthy) will be an imperfect solution. If there were an obvious answer to this question, I imagine Kelly would feel all right about providing one. But when there's not an obvious answer, this is what teams do: They hold preseason and training camp competitions to determine a starter. They do it at all kinds of different positions, so why not the most important one?

I would guess that more than 85 of the 90 players in the Eagles' locker room understand the concept of a quarterback competition and are content to wait this one out and take care of their own preparations in the meantime. The few who don't fit that description will just have to be more patient than they appear to be at the moment.