'We know who to attack early and often'

Craig Dahl's comments about his former team (St. Louis Rams) outwitting his current team (San Francisco 49ers) last season made for interesting mid-June blog fodder.

It also appears to have caught the attention of Rams cornerback Cortland Finnegan, who played with Dahl last season.

That sounds pretty antagonistic, but it's tough to know the full context when two people very familiar with one another take their conversation public. Perhaps Dahl will have a response on Twitter at some point.

As defensive backs, Finnegan and Dahl won't be facing one another directly this season unless they both play on special teams. But with the Rams adding substantial speed to their offense this season, they would have to like their chances against Dahl in coverage situations.

The Rams seemed to value Dahl as a role player, but not enough to keep him away from the 49ers, who signed Dahl to a contract featuring $700,000 in guaranteed money. It's not yet clear whether Dahl will start or play extensively in 2013. The 49ers expect first-round draft choice Eric Reid to start sometime in the near future. Donte Whitner is the incumbent at the other safety spot.

Update: Guess we know how Finnegan feels about Dahl.