How much offensive change in San Diego?

SAN DIEGO -- Those expecting complete changes to the San Diego Chargers' offense may be disappointed.

Yes, Mike McCoy’s offense will be different than Norv Turner’s. But there will be remnants from the past. Turner was the Chargers’ head coach since 2007 before being fired and replaced by McCoy, who was a successful offensive coordinator in Denver.

“You’ll see some of the things we did in the past,” Rivers said. “You will see Antonio Gates run of the same routes. ... There are only so many plays. This thing is not going to be totally different.”

Yes, with that said there will be philosophy differences and there is hope for better results under McCoy, Rivers said. He said the combination of McCoy, offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt and quarterbacks coach Frank Reich is strong.

“It’s just a different approach,” Rivers said. “It’s nothing against the former approach. But sometimes change is good. Sometimes fresh approaches and tweaks and new ideas help. I will be friends with Norv Turner for the rest of my life. This is not about him, but I do think this change will be good for me and us as a team ... I’m excited about these guys.”