Cowboys LB Sean Lee tantalizes in practice

The subtitle of Todd Archer's final review of Dallas Cowboys minicamp is "Sean Lee is everywhere," and this is no surprise. That's how Sean Lee rolls. From Todd's account, it sounds as though watching Lee in minicamp practices this week was a lot like watching Lee play games:

  • Lee was everywhere. He opened team drills with a breakup of a Kyle Orton throw to TE Jason Witten, picked off Orton in seven-on-seven drills and broke up an underneath throw to WR Miles Austin.

  • How good might the Cowboys be at middle linebacker and weakside linebacker? One play after Lee’s interception,Bruce Carter blanketed DeMarco Murray out of the backfield and forced an incompletion.

This is why there is hope for Cowboys fans who wonder whether their team can make the leap from almost-good-enough to playoff team. This is why Stephen Jones can say with a straight face he believes the Cowboys can contend for a championship. Because there are quite a few players on this Cowboys roster who have the opportunity to elevate them from good to great. Lee is one of them. For the defense, he's probably the most important one. He's the kind of talent, leader and be-everywhere-at-once game-changing playmaker who can make this Cowboys' defense an excellent one.

What Lee has to do is stay healthy. There's been no question, in either of the past two years, that he's been one of the best all-around defensive players in the league when he's been fully healthy and on the field. He just hasn't been those things enough. If Lee can play 16 games, without the kind of injury that limited him in the second half of the 2011 season, then he's one of the reasons to think the Cowboys are capable of special things.