Maurice Jones-Drew distraction is over

During minicamp earlier this month, Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew apologized for becoming a distraction.

It was announced on Tuesday that the May 26 incident that put him in the headlines is not going to result in any criminal charges.

Per Vic Micolucci of WJXT in Jacksonville, the state attorney's office filed an "announcement of no information" that said "based on the facts and the law, the state cannot establish the charge beyond and to the exclusion of all reasonable doubt."

(Hat tip to PFT.) The Florida Times-Union also has a report that says surveillance video that reportedly showed Jones-Drew punching Kasim Howard at the Conch House in St. Augustine "did not show who was involved in the altercation."

"We've enhanced it, and from what I'm told, it doesn't change much," St. Augustine police spokesman Mark Samson said. "It still shows the same group of people at the Conch House. It didn't enhance enough to make out clear faces or anything like that."

Jones-Drew is still recovering from a serious foot injury that cost him the bulk of last season. He and the team are hopeful he'll be back up to speed for or during training camp.

It's a major crossroad season for him. He's 28.

He talks of being younger in NFL years and there is some truth to it -- he didn't get a full load when he worked with Fred Taylor, averaging only 177 carries a season over his first three years, and he played in only six games last year.

But Lisfranc injuries are serious business, so there are no assurances regarding his continuing rehabilitation. He held out for a new deal last year and failed to gain anything, so he's playing out the final year of his contract.

The Jaguars' new brass has said they will sort things out after this season, so odds are good that he will reach free agency.

No matter how big a year he has, it seems unlikely Jacksonville or any team will want to guarantee him a lot of money.