Expecting big things from Jeff Saturday

NFL analysis needs more voices that come from the inside, and as a center with 14 years of NFL experience I think Jeff Saturday will bring an excellent, different perspective.

He’s set to soon join ESPN, per Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star.

In covering the NFL, I used to think it’d be easy to see who would be good as a media member and who wouldn’t be based on how they were on the other end of questions.

I’ve come to realize that’s far from the case, and that being able to deliver good answers does not necessarily correlate with being able to offer good analysis.

With Saturday, however, I feel very confident we’re going to see a guy who is quickly good in his next line of work.

Interested offensive linemen can be among the most thoughtful players in the game. Saturday’s experience as a player went well beyond snapping and blocking and taking questions, win or lose. He was also a key piece of the NFL Players Association in brokering a new collective bargaining agreement in the summer of 2011.

I’m not supposed to venture into media criticism. But I think some of the worst analysts we see on TV are the guys who were big stars and have big personalities and some of the best are guys who had to scrap and claw to make it in football.

Saturday scraped and clawed. He started with the ball in his hands but quickly gave it up at the start of every play and eagerly did dirty work.

I look forward to learning more from him about the game.