The 'perfect' offense?

Tight end Tony Gonzalez said Wednesday that the Atlanta Falcons have a chance to be “the perfect offense.’’

If receiver Roddy White, who is prone to hyperbole said that, I’d take it with a grain of salt. But this was coming from Gonzalez, the elder statesman of the Falcons, who just might have a point.

"Obviously, we're led by Matt Ryan," Gonzalez said. "With him pulling the trigger, with Roddy, Julio [Jones], myself, we're going to try and soften up that defense a lot where they’ve got to stand back and play off us a little bit. That is going to make big holes for a guy like Steven Jackson, and we should hopefully go out there and be the perfect offense.

"That's what we strive to be is the perfect type of offense where it's pick your poison; who are you going to stop? With Steven Jackson back there in the backfield, it just makes us that much tougher to defend."

Gonzalez presents a pretty strong case. He teamed with Ryan, White and Jones to give the Falcons a strong passing game last season. But the Falcons lacked consistency in the running game as an aging Michael Turner slowed down.

But Turner is gone and he’s been replaced by Jackson.

I don’t know if the addition of Jackson will make the offense “perfect,’’ but it should make the Falcons better.