Photographer helping Robinson secure ball

The Jacksonville Jaguars are turning Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson into what they hope is an NFL OW.

Their offensive weapon might work in all kind of spots, but he'll be a running back most of all.

One big issue that could keep him for being dangerous is ball security.

In a transcript of coach Gus Bradley's Sunday press session, I found this interesting answer to a question about Robinson and ball security.

“Well it’s addressed, if not (every day), almost every day," Bradley said. "It’s more shown. We have a photographer out here who takes pictures, snapshots of them holding the ball, and it’s shown in team meetings just to show them if there’s any air. So he has to have that mindset, because his teammates need to trust him.

"It’s hard to get on the field if you can’t protect the ball when one of our major deals of this organization is it’s all about the ball. He’s made leaps and bounds from where he was; again it’s the consistency with him.”

I'm sure running backs are shown ball security reminders regularly on film. But practice film is a broad thing, and detailed analysis of how a player is holding the ball probably doesn't present itself on a regular basis in film of 22 players.

A photographer narrowly focused on such things can provide much more granular detail, and that can serve as daily reminders to a guy like Robinson.