Nate Newton likes Ronald Leary

Former Dallas Cowboys guard Nate Newton, who's now with ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM, is doing some periodic observations for ESPNDallas.com on the team's interior offensive line. And he is high on guard Ronald Leary:

He looked OK in team. He looked even better in pass-rush drills. That’s combination single-blocking and games, when the defensive line is stunting. He did a tremendous job. He punched well. He moved his feet well. He didn’t let people get into his zone.

I think out of six or seven pass rushes, he got beat one time on a spin move. That’s where he let a guy get into his body and didn’t punch, but after that, he handled his business. He had great knee bend for a first day back. He did a great job.

Now this kid has to put back-to-back practices together. He has to be more consistent, get into his playbook.

Yes, surely Leary will have to have a second strong practice before he can truly be considered for one of the starting guard spots. But as Newton points out, Nate Livings isn't exactly going to be impossible to beat out. The Cowboys liked Leary enough last year to guarantee a significant portion of his rookie salary even though he was an undrafted free agent. And while it's not as though the Cowboys have never overvalued an offensive lineman before, that at least tells you they think highly of him and are willing to give him a shot to win one of these jobs.