Bucs going step-by-step with Revis

TAMPA, Fla. -- Cornerback Darrelle Revis continues to take steps in his recovery from a major knee injury, but Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano isn’t ready to say if the team’s biggest offseason acquisition will appear in any preseason games.

“How do you know?" Schiano asked rhetorically. “Because anyone of these thresholds could -- I’m hoping not and I don’t expect it to -- but could push back on you and then you’ve just got to slow down. We’re not going to rush it."

The goal all along has been to have Revis ready for the season opener against the New York Jets, the team Revis used to play for, and the Bucs clearly are following a plan.

“It’s clear, logical steps," Schiano said. “You do all your footwork drills on air. Then you step him up against a receiver, without a ball, without an end result. Then, you step it up a notch against a receiver with a quarterback and a play and a result. Then you get him into team work where he’s hitting somebody because that’s the thing when you press and you torque, your hands are on a guy and your legs are twisting. That’s different than just running football drills or just covering a guy on air, shadowing a guy. I think there are steps and we just have to keep taking those steps."

Revis completed the footwork drills against air in the first week of camp. Now, he’s lining up against receivers and shadowing them. The team work is obviously the next step. My best guess is the Bucs will hold Revis out of next week’s preseason opener against Baltimore and, if all continues to go well, try to play him in either the second or third preseason game.

Schiano also had some positive news on defensive end Adrian Clayborn, who had to leave Wednesday’s practice with a groin injury.

“Adrian is going to be a few days," Schiano said. “It wasn’t as bad as I initially thought, so that’s good.’’

Schiano also said that tight end Luke Stocker's calf injury is taking longer than expected to heal. He said Stocker’s return could be a matter of days or weeks.