Robert Griffin III Report: August 5

A look at Robert Griffin III's daily progress:

The biggest cheer, as usual, was reserved for Griffin. This time, it was for something Redskins fans hope they see more of this season.

A slide. While Griffin posted his usual numbers in the 7-on-7 portion of his day – he completed 13-of-16 passes with one interception off a tipped pass – it was his run that excited the crowd.

It wasn’t the prettiest slide, but it did occur at the end of a scramble and in front of safety Brandon Meriweather. Griffin did slide a decent amount last season, but there were times the Redskins wished he had started his slide earlier. So, too, did his fans, which is why the crowd at Monday’s practice cheered loudly when Griffin hit the turf.

The majority of Griffin’s passes in this portion would result in short gains, some were designed throws and others checkdowns -- this is how it’s been since camp opened. But there were a handful of intermediate passes, perhaps a couple more than usual.

Griffin did throw a bullet to receiver Pierre Garcon on a hitch route, a strong plant-and-throw. And he had a good strike to Garcon on a 20-yard in. The two connected later on another inside route -- it led Garcon, who did need to reach up to make the grab.

The interception resulted from a pass that glanced off receiver Santana Moss' hands. But Griffin did have one of his usual savvy passes, hitting Moss on a hitch. Two defenders surrounded Moss, but Griffin put it in the only spot where Moss had a chance: low and in front.

Griffin also continued simulating pressure in the pocket during the special teams portion. Griffin would take the snap, backpedal, slide side to side and then escape the pocket. He would sometimes pivot and race to his left and throw across his body; other times he’d run right and throw on the run off his (surgically-repaired) right leg. He also emphasized keeping the play alive on scrambles; last year too often he would tuck and run even if he was 10 yards behind the line.

Progress report: Griffin looked better in the 7-on-7s than he did on Saturday. At times he failed to get his feet around, enough so that you wondered sometimes if it were on purpose. But the 7-on-7s are all about timing and rhythm and there's no simulating life in the pocket during this drill, just make your reads, plant and throw. So his outing Saturday was more about mechanics on some throws, needing to get his lower body around, than anything. It was better Monday.