Still hope for San Diego offense

I had a chance to catch up with San Diego quarterback Philip Rivers before the serious nature of Danario Alexander's knee injury was revealed Wednesday.

I asked him what has stood out to him about the offense in the first two weeks of training camp. His answer may help the team navigate through Alexander’s season-ending knee injury.

“Our versatility,” Rivers said. “We can do a lot of different things.”

Yes, Alexander’s presence was part of Rivers’ reasoning. Alexander is 6-foot-5, has great speed and can stretch the field. But Rivers’ thinks this offense will be "varied" and perhaps can handle the loss of a strong receiver.

Rivers thinks the Chargers are deeper in the running game with the addition of Danny Woodhead, who should help starter Ryan Mathews. Also, Woodhead will help in the red zone and on third down.

Rivers likes depth at receiver and at tight end.

“I think we the ability to strike in different ways,” Rivers said. “There is varied talent on this offense."

Yes, the San Diego offense took a hit with the Alexander loss, but if Rivers is right, there is still hope for this unit without Alexander.