Former Colt backs Wayne's analysis of Luck

Former center Jeff Saturday didn't get to play with quarterback Andrew Luck like his former teammate Reggie Wayne.

That's why if Wayne says there are similarities between Luck and Peyton Manning, he must be telling the truth, Saturday said.

"I can tell you this, Reggie Wayne does not make those comments lightly. To get a compliment out of Weezy is next to a miracle," Saturday said this morning on ESPN. "So for him to be saying that about Andrew Luck is very impressive."

Wayne talked about Luck and Manning during an interview with NBCSN'S Pro Football Talk on Tuesday.

“The way [Luck] approaches practice, I hate to do this, but it’s somewhat like a Peyton Manning,” Wayne told Pro Football Talk. “Even though I hate to compare the two, he takes practice just like it’s a game."

Saturday echoed the same thing.

"I know the way Peyton approached practice, it was a high-tempo, lets get there, lets get this done, lets move," he said. "That's what I keep hearing out of Colts camp."

Saturday was Manning's teammate in Indianapolis for nine seasons. Saturday played in Green Bay last season before retiring and becoming an ESPN analyst.