Watt bothered by perception of good deeds

Face To Face: J.J. Watt (3:00)

Texans DE J.J. Watt talks to Hannah Storm about being booed on draft day and explains why he likes doing so much good around the Houston area. (3:00)

Hannah Storm spent some time with J.J. Watt in Houston to take a look at the way the NFL's reigning Defensive Player of the Year returns the love he gets from his new city. Many people think Watt's good deeds are all a ploy for attention, and that bothers Watt.

The fact is, Watt had plenty of attention even before he started surprising brides and school children with his visits. It's true that he is very conscious of his public image and works to craft it. But the good deeds he allows cameras to film, are only one part of the total picture. And often the media is alerted by the other party, the person or people who can't believe an NFL star would be so kind.

I saw it first hand when I interviewed Watt over a sandwich at a local deli a few months ago. Two complete strangers walked over, apologized for interrupting, then spent several minutes telling Watt how much his visits with the Berry children meant to their whole community.