NFC East: Rating the stadiums

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Dallas Cowboys (Cowboys Stadium, capacity 80,000)

All future NFL stadiums will be measured against this one. The Jerry Jones family traveled the world looking at famous buildings. The family brought a little bit of everything to the table, including Jerry's favorite topic: fritted glass.

The drive-up appeal is what sets this stadium apart. It's breathtakingly big and then you walk inside and see the video board. I personally think it's even more impressive at night. Lots of architectural flourishes. The biggest negative with Cowboys Stadium is there's no mass transit in Arlington, Texas. You should be able to take a train or a non-Hooters bus to the game.

Wow factor: 5 wows (out of 5)

New York Giants (Giants Stadium, capacity 80,242)

This is New York's final season at Giants Stadium before opening up a new facility in 2010. In 1976, the Giants' first home game was against the Cowboys. The stadium was considered enormous at the time, but it definitely began to show its age in recent years.

It does not have all the luxury suites that you see in newer stadiums and it's pretty basic looking. I'm not sure there's a stadium in the league where the wind swirls as much as it does inside Giants Stadium. Pretty tough place to play, but the Giants and Jets were due for a beautiful new place.

Wow factor: 2 wows

Philadelphia Eagles (Lincoln Financial Field, capacity 67,594)

It's a million times nicer than the Vet, but it certainly doesn't seem as loud. The Eagles opened the Linc in 2003 and they did a nice job of building a modern structure that still has sort of an old-school feel.

I like the fact that the stadium doesn't have 80,000 seats. In some large stadiums, those extra 13,000 seats are way too far from the action. There aren't a lot of bad seats at the Linc.

Wow factor: 4 wows

Washington Redskins (FedEx Field, capacity 91, 704)

I'm not a fan of driving out to Landover, Md., but once you're there, it's a pretty amazing spot. With 90,000 folks in the building, it can be pretty loud. The only thing that bothers me a bit is how the stadium almost feels like a NASCAR destination at times.

I prefer stadiums that put the fans on top of the action. That's not the case at FedEx. Tons of suites. I think it can be a fairly intimidating place for opponents.

Wow factor: 3 wows