On Vinny Curry and the Eagles' defense

Jimmy Kempski is a Vinny Curry fan, and this post at Philly.com offers ample screen-grab evidence to support Jimmy's enthusiasm. Curry looked fantastic in the Eagles' preseason opener against the Patriots, showing that electrified first step for which he has been known since college. And in an Eagles defense that's open-minded and on the lookout for impact players, it's foolish to think we won't see more of Curry moving forward:

There were times in which Curry was lined up along the interior DL and he got doubled in the run game. In those situations, he had difficulty anchoring against the run. That's understandable, and it's probably best for the Eagles to try to keep him out of those situations whenever they can. However, it seems pretty clear that Vinny Curry absolutely has a role in this defense as an interior pass rusher, and he can be a very effective one.

Curry's nominal position in the Eagles' defense is a 3-4 defensive end. But like a lot of the holdover players from the 4-3 alignment the Eagles used up until this year, he's not a clean fit in his new spot. He's bulked up some but is still small for a 3-4 lineman. And his strength is as an interior pass-rusher, which is one great thing for a 3-4 defensive end to be, but he'd have to show more strength against the run game in order to challenge Cedric Thornton for a starting role.

That said, one of the buzzwords on the defensive side for the Eagles this year is variety, and the coaches are working every day to find ways to maximize the strengths and minimize the weaknesses of their personnel. Curry is a guy who, if he plays well throughout August, is likely to find himself more involved once the season starts. The extent of his involvement is for those forward-thinking, open-minded new coaches to figure out.