Adrian Clayborn was doing his job

What was supposed to be a routine practice between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New England Patriots turned into a major news story.

New England quarterback Tom Brady left practice with an apparent knee injury. It happened when Tampa Bay defensive end Adrian Clayborn was bull-rushing tackle Nate Solder, who fell into Brady’s legs.

Clayborn said he was just doing what he was supposed to do.

“You always have to stay away from the quarterback, but, if you have a guy on his heels, my instinct is to keep going,’’ Clayborn told the media.

It wasn’t immediately clear if Brady suffered any damage. He tore the ACL in the same knee in 2008. Obviously, this is going to cause a lot of concern in New England and some fans may hold it against Clayborn.

“Is this an interview or an interrogation?’’ Clayborn asked as he was hit with numerous questions from the Boston media.

But I’ve watched the video of the incident several times and it doesn’t look like Clayborn did anything unusual. Some people are going to say this is why teams shouldn’t hold joint practices.

I don’t share that view. The same thing could have happened if the Bucs had stayed home and worked out in Tampa. The only difference is it would have happened to Josh Freeman instead of Brady.