A happier Dwayne Bowe for Chiefs

ST. JOSEPH, Mo. – Dwayne Bowe is a noticeably happier person this summer.

He gladly met with reporters Wednesday and even did extra one-on-one interviews. He was friendly, upbeat and cracked jokes. I hadn’t always seen that side of the Kansas City Chiefs’ standout receiver. Bowe admits it. He’s in a great place.

“I feel comfortable,” Bowe said. “This is the best I’ve felt in about the last three years. I can be myself and I feel great being here.”

A camp holdout last year, Bowe said his improved mood and demeanor has nothing to do with the five-year, $56 million deal he signed this offseason. Rather, he said his new feeling of contentment is the culmination of the team being in a good place and being surrounded by talents.

I asked the team’s No. 1 pick in 2007 if new coach Andy Reid and new quarterback Alex Smith were the best coach/quarterback he has worked with in Kansas City. Bowe did not hesitate.

“Yes, they both are,” he replied. “Nothing against anybody else, it’s just the way it is.”

Bowe’s feelings jibe with nearly everyone I talked to in Kansas City. Spirits are high for this group that has gone through some miserable times in recent years. Of course, nothing matters until results are shown on the field, but there is little doubt Bowe is headed to the 2013 season with his mind in the right place.