Owner: Texans refused to draft Hernandez

HOUSTON -- Speaking before a group of highly rated high school football prospects Wednesday evening, Houston Texans owner Bob McNair offered a cautionary tale.

"[Aaron] Hernandez, the tight end from New England, all of y'all are familiar with the problems that he got into," McNair said. "We took him off our draft board. We wouldn't even draft him because he had too many examples of violations of these principles that we're talking about."

McNair talked about how the Texans don't tolerate bullies or want them on their team. It was a way for McNair to make the point to the young players before him about living their lives properly and what impact that could have on their careers. And it echoed something McNair said last year for a story I wrote for the Houston Chronicle.

Back then, McNair said the Texans have three deal-breakers when examining a player's character: They don't tolerate men who abuse women, considering them bullies. They don't tolerate habitual drug users, although McNair specified he didn't mean someone who "smoked marijuana." And they don't tolerate someone who rebels against authority.

The Texans have taken calculated risks in their draft history. But it seems Hernandez, who has been charged with first-degree murder, wasn't worth it.