First Take: Whether Seahawks overhyped

You might have noticed ESPN's Skip Bayless suggesting the Seattle Seahawks would challenge within the AFC this coming season. The Seahawks left the AFC for the NFC in 2002, of course. Bayless went on "First Take" and said the AFC reference was a sarcastic comment pointing to overblown expectations for Seattle, as if Seahawks fans thought their team would be good enough to threaten in both conferences, not just its own.

Bayless, Chris Broussard and Danny Kanell discussed the NFC West in general, including Bayless' affinity for the Arizona Cardinals, and it's all there in the video above. Kanell brought a quarterback's perspective on Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and San Francisco 49ers counterpart Colin Kaepernick. Kanell thinks Kaepernick has more to prove. He thinks Wilson is the better quarterback and explains why in the video above. Bayless sides with Kaepernick, pointing to physical advantages.

All in all, there was a lot there for NFC West fans, but no mention of the St. Louis Rams. Perhaps Jeff Fishier can add this video to the motivational file to go with recent addition Bernie Kosar.