Rookie Williams must earn Romo's trust

IRVING, Texas -- Rookie receiver Terrance Williams ran the wrong route well.

The go route he ran down the left sideline was a thing of beauty. Williams blew by the Arizona cornerback and was wide open when Tony Romo overthrew the third-round draft pick on what easily could have been a 47-yard touchdown.

It just wasn’t the route that Williams was supposed to run, based on the Cardinals’ coverage.

“There was a communication thing we’ve got to get cleaned up,” coach Jason Garrett said. “That’s also on us as coaches. But the actual route that he ran was certainly run the right way.”

Williams understands that isn’t as important as running the right route. He also comprehends why he made a mistake after Romo showed him where the safety was on the play during film review.

The mental mistake by Williams doesn’t necessarily excuse Romo’s errant throw, although it’s tough for a quarterback to adjust as he’s about to release the ball. But Williams knows it’s up to him to prove he’s reliable if he wants the ball to keep coming to him.

“It’s just the principles of it and being in the spot,” Williams said after a reporter mentioned that he did manage to get wide open. “If [Romo] points something out, I have to continue to be there to develop some trust with him. Later on, if I do something like that and he throws the ball in the wrong spot, then they’re going to be looking at me like, ‘What are you doing?’ I just have to use my eyes more.”

The rookie has already learned a valuable lesson for a Cowboys receiver: Romo is always right.