Victor Cruz on crutches, but upbeat

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- So yeah, New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz came out to do a news conference Tuesday morning on crutches and with his left foot in a walking boot. Not overwhelmingly exciting news for Giants fans 19 days before the season opener in Dallas, but Cruz opened by telling everyone not to look so sad.

"They're just saying day-to-day right now, see how the swelling goes down and take it from there," Cruz said. "Just a short setback. You never want to have one, but if there's a good time to have one, this is it."

Cruz suffered a heel bruise in the first quarter of Sunday night's preseason game against Indianapolis. He's not likely to play in either of the Giants' final two preseason games. He'll obviously miss Tuesday afternoon's practice and likely more practice time in the coming days. He said he had no concerns about playing in the Sept. 8 opener in Dallas, but everybody always says that, and at this point he can't know for sure.

The boot is likely a good idea, as it will keep Cruz from injuring his foot further while it heals. The reasons why the injury is cause for concern, though, are obvious. They can say it's minor now, but a heel injury could lead to other problems. Could be a precursor for something like plantar fasciitis, or a calf or Achilles problem. And even if they're extremely careful with his recovery to make sure it doesn't lead to anything more major, it could be that the soreness in the heel recurs during the season and limits him. Cruz's game is based on footspeed, and if his feet aren't right, there's a reasonable chance his game won't be right either.

So don't wave this off, is all I'm saying, until Cruz is back on the practice field and looking like the Cruz of old. He missed all of the spring practices due to a contract dispute and now will be missing late-August practices due to an injury. It may turn out not to have been any kind of problem at all. But right now, it looms as a potentially big one for the Giants' offense.