Coaches express thoughts on key Raiders

Raiders coaches made some interesting comments Tuesday about two of Oakland's key players.

Raiders offensive coordinator Greg Olson said he wants receiver Denarius Moore to take the next step in his career, while it sounds like defensive coordinator Jason Tarver is beyond thrilled to get to work with future Hall of Fame defensive back Charles Woodson.

Let’s take a look:

Olson on Moore: “Well, a lot of it is going to be on Denarius. To me, it’s that whole character issue, becoming a self-starter, becoming a self-motivated person, and a lot of that comes with maturity. I think he’d be the first guy to say we’re constantly on top of him and it’s hard to give someone like that any base, so we just coach him up, but I think he’s becoming a more mature player and more mature person, so I think that’s going to help as well. A lot of players will tell you, if they’re fortunate enough to stay in the league for any length of time, they will all tell you, ‘Boy, I wish I had been more mature as a younger player.’ And I think that maturity will happen for Denarius.”

My thoughts: It seems like Olson is waiting on Moore to become a totally reliable star. I think Moore has the ability, but has disappeared at times. The team is ready for more consistency.

Tarver on Woodson: “Charles, his bursts surprise me every day. The guy just covers ground. He had a couple interceptions at practice today. He’s an amazing athlete. That’s why he’s a big piece of getting this defense to where we want it to go in our black jerseys, and hopefully that cements his legacy -- because he can still cover ground. He has those great ball skills, he’s got great feel for when the quarterback is going to release the ball and that’s still there. He’s practiced all camp and he’s still as explosive out of his stance, and that’s what makes the great DBs great -- that ability to close the distance at the point of no return when that ball’s in the air. He’s showing that, and obviously we hope it continues.”

My thoughts: The Raiders will ride Woodson -- who turns 37 in October -- hard this season. The team loves everything about him. He will make an impact on the field and in the locker room.