Redskins morning wake-up call

The Redskins return to practice Wednesday and are now in regular-season mode when it comes to how many workouts and how much they’ll let us watch. We’re now restricted to around 40 minutes during which time we can tell who the best stretchers are on the team. (OK, maybe a little more, but not much.) We'll get a chance to see their upgraded facility for the first time; it badly needed to be modernized and now it has been. Here's the main topics I'll monitor:

  1. Robert Griffin III talks today. Well, he probably talks every day but just not with us. Going forward, Wednesdays are the days he will speak to the media (though not sure about next week since they’ll be traveling on a Wednesday. But after that? Wednesday). We’ll talk to him before practice, which means we won't find out until Mike Shanahan talks post-practice if his workload increased or not. I’m sure the examinations -- past and future -- by Dr. James Andrews will come up as well, along with other topics. By the way, if you missed this My Wish video about Griffin and 8-year-old kidney transplant patient Lateef Brock, it’s worth a watch. I remember the reaction of the players when Brock sliced through the defense en route to the end zone at the end of one spring workout. Pretty cool. I've always thought one of the best benefits of being a pro athlete would be to have this sort of impact.

  2. Injury updates. Specifically to quarterback Kirk Cousins and nose tackle Barry Cofield. We already know Cousins suffered no ligament damage to his right foot, based on X-rays and an MRI Tuesday. But we don’t know how much, and how long, he’ll be limited by his sprained right foot. This is the first chance we’ll get to talk to coach Mike Shanahan since the game, so I’m sure he’ll give us the exact details of their Cousins Plan. Or not. Meanwhile, Cofield suffered a hairline fracture in his right hand, but we don’t know yet what it means for him playing. He did not seem too worried after the preseason game Monday. The more he plays, the better he gets -- and the more the Redskins’ defense would suffer without him. Cofield is a disruptive nose tackle, the key to the 3-4 front. But he does a good job of making plays while doing his job and occupying defenders and setting up others. He plays egoless and that’s not always the case for guys at this position.

  3. Secondary update. That means finding out more about safety Brandon Meriweather and corner Josh Wilson, neither of whom have played in the first two preseason games. Meriweather spent all of last week working with the scout team defense, a good sign because he went four days in a row. The Redskins need a healthy Meriweather back on the field (and looking like the player he was in brief spurts last season). Perhaps we’ll find out more today if Meriweather and/or Wilson will play versus Buffalo. Wilson, recovering from a shoulder injury, has missed a lot of time this summer. That’s enabled David Amerson to get a lot of work in with the starters -- and, better yet, against the starters. Whether or not Amerson eventually bumps him from the lineup, this has only helped his progress.