What it means to 'Bill Belichick it'

DETROIT -- Bill Belichick is well-branded when it comes to media relations. We were reminded of this while watching “SportsCenter” this morning, which included comments from Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III.

Griffin created a bit of a stir with his candor last week when telling reporters he didn’t like or fully understand coach Mike Shanahan’s preseason plan for him.

That led to Griffin speaking behind the scenes with a “few people” on the best way to handle media relations.

“Do I stop being who I am and stop being honest with you guys and give you guys ammunition to turn against this team? Or do I go into a shell and Bill Belichick it all week?” Griffin told reporters. “I’ll continue to be who I am.”

Perhaps we should file this one in the "it is what it is" category?

QUICK-HIT THOUGHTS: This is delivered with a light-hearted touch. At the end of the day, a team and its players ultimately have to adopt the media approach, within NFL guidelines, that they are most comfortable with as it relates to giving the team the best chance to win football games.